Experience the fastest, most reliable internet service
from your trusted, local cooperative

Residential Basic 100 Mbps

$64.99/ month


Voice Service is here
for customers in the
completed construction areas.

Bundle your current highspeed internet with our new
voice service.
No highspeed internet, No problem - we offer
stand alone voice service.

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DE Lightspeed RDOF Announcement

Delta Fiber LLC (“Delta Fiber”) is pleased to announce that it was a
winning bidder for $46.9 million dollars of grant support over ten
years from the Federal Communications Commission.


  Fiber internet is a game-changer!

The fastest, most reliable, high-speed internet is here!

DE Light Speed’s fiber-to-the-home network delivers the fastest internet available, making it possible for our community to access the full spectrum of online resources, tools, and applications. With no buffering and no frustration.

Trust your local cooperative to provide you with the quality service and support you deserve.

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Incredibly fast internet for your entire home or business.

Incredibly fast internet for your entire home or business.

No contracts. No data caps. No hidden fees. Just amazing Wi-Fi.

D.E. LightSpeed’s fiber powered network delivers incredibly fast, unlimited high-speed Internet, amazing whole-home Wi-Fi, free customization through our DE Lightspeed App and free enhanced parental controls and Wi-Fi security.

Plus, it’s delivered from your local electric cooperative with the same great service, reliability and support you’ve come to know and love.

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Fiber internet opens up a world of opportunity from the comfort of your home.

Working from home

Working from home

Online Education

Online Education

Access to eHealthcare

Access to eHealthcare

Better access to<br />
online services

Better access to
online services

Just how fast are we talking? Blazing-fast fiber leaves the competition behind.

Compare traditional
high-speed internet to fiber!

Dsl / Wireless / Satellite
3 Mbps
Internet Speed
25 Mbps
Fiber Internet
Up to 1000 Mbps (Gigabit)
Download 100 photos 14 min 42 sec 1 min 48 sec 2.8 sec
Download HD Movie 4 hrs 48 min 34 min 24 sec 54.3 sec
Download 50 songs 8 min 12 sec 1 min 1.5 sec
Download Online Game 39 hrs 48 min 4 hrs 48 min 7 min 30 sec

Take your businesses farther with fiber internet. Find out what fiber can do for your business.

Take your businesses farther with fiber internet.
Fiber internet for business

Carroll County businesses can thrive with our fiber-to-the-business network that provides the fastest most reliable high-speed internet.

Keeping in touch with the community.

Keeping in touch with the community.

What's been going on with DE Lightspeed?

Read about some of our achievements,
and see what our customers have to say about us!


Reliable home phone service with enhanced features.

Reliable home phone service with enhanced features.

Keep your number. Free Caller ID. Unlimited local calls.

DE LightSpeed’s fiber technology delivers crisp, clear home and business phone. With DE LightSpeed VoIP, you’ll save money every month and enjoy free convenient features including:

  • Premium Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Waiting
  • Unlimited local calling
  • And more