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Why Fiber?

Why Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet service is now available in some areas of Delta Electric Power Association service territory! This gigabit-capable, world-class broadband service will be offered through our fiber entity DE LightSpeed. Why fiber? The100% fiber network DE LightSpeed is building will deliver world-class service to our members and subscriber, including ultra-fast speeds for both downloading and uploading This symmetrical speed and the power of fiber allows multiple users and devices at the same time without any loss of service quality.

This is a necessity in the midst of the continued pandemic where the needs for reliable broadband – remote learning, working from home, staying connected with loved ones and virtual doctor visits – are so illuminated.

Fiber Fast Facts

  • Fiber Internet is faster than cable, satellite, or wireless internet with speeds up to 1 Gbps.
  • Fiber Internet offers higher bandwidth.
  • Fiber Internet provides greater security, as signals sent via light are harder to intercept than electrical signals.
  • Fiber Internet is more reliable, since it is rarely affected by weather, power outages and electromagnetic interference.
  • Fiber Internet as provided by your local power provider, is affordable.

With DSL, wireless, and satellite Internet options sometimes still available you may still be asking the same question: “Why should I get fiber Internet, and what benefits will it offer my household or business?”

Here are some reasons why...

What’s different about fiber?

Fiber Internet is made possible by fiber-optic cables; each cable features dozens to hundreds of very tiny strands of glass or plastic, across which data is transmitted as pulses of light. Fiber Internet provides Internet access with greater speed, higher bandwidth, increased reliability, and greater security than cable, satellite, or wireless Internet access.

How is fiber so fast?

Because data can travel over fiber Internet at speeds approaching the speed of light, fiber-optic cable speed is much higher than the speed of DSL which transmits data via electrical signals over copper wire, satellite Internet which transmits signals via radio waves, or wireless Internet that transmits over the air and needs line of sight. DE LightSpeed fiber Internet offerings provide upload and download speeds of up to 1 Gbps which is much faster than typical cable, satellite, or wireless offerings.

How does fiber offer higher bandwidth?

Fiber-optic bandwidth far outpaces cable, satellite, and wireless bandwidth because the range of frequencies over which data can travel without loss of quality is much higher in fiber-optic cable than in copper cable, satellite, or wireless transmission.

Is fiber really more reliable?

Fiber Internet offers more-reliable service in a number of ways:

  • Fiber Internet cables are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference since data is transmitted as pulses of light rather than electrical signals.
  • Fiber Internet cables are much stronger than copper cables and can withstand greater pressure, resulting in fewer breaks.
  • Fiber Internet is less susceptible to power outages since it uses no electricity.
  • Fiber Internet is unaffected by weather, whereas satellite transmissions may be highly affected by adverse weather conditions.

Is fiber more secure?

Yes! With fiber Internet, data is nearly impossible to intercept with sensitive antennas because no electrical signals are generated during transmission. Additionally, anyone trying to tap a fiber-optic cable will likely break the glass, alerting IT professionals to the attempted hack.

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